Save Up to 33% on U-Pick Macs, and Load up on Juicy Ripe Tomatoes.

YOU COULD SEE IT in his face, weathered and wizened.  You could hear it in his scratchy voice—this was his last broadcast.  Yes, Eggder R Furrow left the “Farm O’Clock News” last night after a year of intrepid reporting, which was of course 72 years in vegetable time.  Many thanks, Mr Furrow!


Before retiring to his creekside cottage, Eggder wanted to break one last story:  Our big sale on u-pick Macs and “field-run” tomatoes.  Get the details below, and get picking while the picking is good.

What’s Picking Now?

{ The weekly u-pick report. }


The Vintage Orchard is full to bursting with Macs.  Pick a peck (pictured) for 12 bucks.  Won’t take but a few minutes!


Step up to a half-bushel bag for $16 and you’ll save lots.  That’s 20% off our normal price, and only about 73 cents a pound!


But apple all-stars will jump at the Mac Attack—pick a bushel for only $24!  That’s about 55 cents a pound and 33% off the normal bushel!


What will you do with a bushel of apples?  First thing that comes to mind is bake a pie for the Pigs-n-Apples Party pie contest!


Or make sauce and juice and crisps.  Give Macs to your pals.  Be creative.  Just look at what customer Ayami did with our peaches!


Next stop is the tomato field.  We got u-pick tomatoes just busting loose.  They are growing in big clumps of juicy.


It takes a lot of guts to be an Indian Creek tomato.  They are up on the very hilltop, and thunderheads roll right over top!


What else is picking?  Canteloupes, honeydew, peppers, eggplant, fall raspberries, and soon many more apple varieties.

Down at the Stand

{ Ring the dinner bell. }


“Field-run” tomatoes are the talk of the town.  These prepicked beauties come in peck boxes for only $12!  While supplies last.


Actually these are big news, too.  Honeycrisp apples picked and waiting for you at the stand!  They are vicious, as the kids say.


Oh, the stand is not bland.  The stand is not canned.  The stand is packed and stacked and jacked with good food.

The Radish of Redemption

{ Or, the Pigkeepers’ Lament. }


Everybody please join us.  It’s a once-a-year thing.  RAIN OR SHINE.  We got food by the Piggery, fermented cider by Eve’s, and donuts by yours truly.  Life is hard, let’s play a day. See who’s coming on the Facebook event page.

Farm Buzz

{ Scuttlebutt. }


Next Saturday, we’ll be on the Gardener’s Trail.  It’s a Cornell Cooperative Extension event in which you can visit nurseries and garden centers around the county.  Yeah, we know how to garden.  Have you ever seen 3 prettier flowers?


Have you ever seen the fabled U-Pick-Nicorn?  People round the world are forever arguing about invisible beings in the sky.  They go on about who has the keys to the magic kingdom.  We’re just farmers, we don’t know.  But there’s magic in these hills.


Must a tomato twerk to be noticed?  Or can she just BE?  Can she be a tomato in the rain? “A tomato is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels,” wrote Whitman.  Actually he said that about a mouse.  But hope to see you at The ‘Creek all the same.

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