We’re Still Open for Apple Picking, Donuts, Pears, Sprouts, and Cider!

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a lass who went apple picking.  While traipsing through the orchard, she lost her wallet.  How horrible!  But, once upon a time—two days later—there was a lad who found her billfold in the grass.  Hooray!


So everything turned out sweet and perfect forever and ever.  The End.


Was that story too mushy for you?  Well, here’s a whole bucket of mush.  We’re turning it into mash.  Apple mash.


It is high-grade stuff.  The genuine article.  Nothing but apples and pears filling up the official squisher.


We spared no expense on this high-tech affair.  The best twine we could find, and a chrome-vanadium screwdriver.


Time to lock the lid.  The R2 unit goes beep-beep and clinkety-clink.  Whoosh, pop, whirr, and whistle.  Now we wait.


Moments later the magic begins.  Amber rivulets flow out of the grate.  We pump Ambrosia into the big tank above.


And we bottle it up for you.  We will be pressing cider THROUGH THE END OF THE YEAR!  Available every day.


We’re also filling “carboys,” the big jugs for fermenting your own hard cider.  Call the Cidermeister at (607) 793-3560.


Heck, we’ll even make cider from YOUR apples.  Our neighbor from the Inn Btween Farm B&B got a custom press this week.


{ What’s picking and cooking? }


This weekend, we’ll be turning cider into donuts.  Saturday and Sunday, 11 til 4.  Dunk them in hot mulled cider.


And the amazing news is, YOU CAN STILL PICK APPLES, only 50¢ per pound.  The Mutsu Orchard is packed with beautiful fruit.

14-P1200918The farm stand is stocked with exotic and premium varieties, many not found in stores.  Mix and match for $1.75 per pound.

16-P1200718The Bagged Bartlett Sale continues.  Get canning-grade pears for only $28 per bushel, or about 70¢ per pound!


Brussels sprouts are in peak form.  We have giant stalks at the farm stand for just 5 bucks.  Fry them with bacon.


You might even score a rare box of our Concord grapes.  They grow on the roof of the stand!  Won’t last long.


Last but not least, we have the region’s largest selection of dead flowers.  Cut your own for 100% OFF while supplies last!  See you at The ‘Creek.

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