Pear Sale, Extended Apple Sale, and November Farm Hours.

RAISE YOUR GLASS of apple spider.  Today we are subverting the dominant paradigm.  Everybody knows that we ran out of pumpkins early.  We were the dopes in that farm flop; but, now we are turning our slackjaws into smirk-o-lanterns with this simple twist of fruit:  Happy Appleween.


“Happleween,” as we say among ourselves.  Time for the vainglorious pumpkin—Look at me, I’m sooo orange!—to step aside.  Time, indeed, for the humble apple to have it’s own holiday.  October 31, every year hence.

02-P1200813In celebration we are extending the 50-cent sale through the END OF THE SEASON!  You’ll find gorgeous Romes in the Vintage Orchard.

03-P1200800Only 50 cents a pound for any u-pick apples, including perfect specimens in the Mutsu Orchard.  Awesome for pie, and no orange mess.


We’re throwing a pear sale, too.  Get canning-grade pears for only $28 per bushel.  That’s about 70 cents per pound, and they’re already picked!


Heck, even Cidermeister Ken is getting into the Happleween spirit.  He is rolling out a new pear-mutsu blend of Orchard Ambrosia.  Super mutsu!  Very pear-y!


Yes, we have mutsus as big as pumpkins and sprouts as big as farmers.  Who needs pillowcases full of candy when Mother Nature is dishing out goodies?

Farm Stand in Fall

{ Hours and colors. }


The farm stand will STAY OPEN THROUGH NOVEMBER.  A mix of full-serve and self-serve action will cover the shifts.  Come see the fall colors, like these REDS…


…and ORANGES.  (Psshaw, ye pumpkins!)  It’s not quite the extravagant Roy G. Biv of summertime, but you’ll find an edible autumnal rainbow.


YELLOW squashes while supplies last.  Tons of acorn squash, too, in deep charcoal with orange highlights.


Brussels GREEN on the scene.  We are lopping stalks daily for the stand and Greenstar Coop.  Get ’em here or there.


BLUE taters to die for and… to fry for.  Morning home fries are best when the rainbow sparkles in your skillet.


Fairtytale eggplants in VIOLET.  You won’t see these much longer.  Come scoop up the last of the summer vegetables.

Farm Buzz

{ What are we doing? }

14-P1200674We’re out back in the nursery tagging baby fruit trees with color-coded labels.  You can see how precise the system is.

16-P1200833Meanwhile, Farmer Stephen is taking a nap in his Zorro costume.  It’s the only way he gets a free minute.  Zorro, you seen Stephen? 

17-P1200890And Zorro squeezed into his trick-or-treat costume… dressed as Natasha.  It’s the only way anyone will give him a snack.


Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.  Peek-a-bye!

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