The Giant 50-Cent Sale Continues and Zorro Gets a Promotion.

PAUSING FOR A MOMENT between sleeping and waking, Zorro reflects on just how far his star has risen.  A few short months ago, it seemed that his career had stalled.  He only had a minor role on the back of the brochure.


Today his fluffy mug is featured on every bottle of Orchard Ambrosia.  Congratulations, Zorro, and thanks for all your hard work.


Meanwhile, the farm is turning a corner.  This is the final weekend of the Giant Apple Sale.  See the poster and last week’s post for details.


Yes, deep autumn is coming around the bend.  We hope you will come out and share the October weather with us—changeable, blustery, and all.


The u-pick apple sale is kind of a big deal.  Biggest we’ve ever done.  All 3 orchards are included.  The mutsus are superabundant.


The Dward Orchard is a-dwindling, but needs pickers all the same.  Don’t let these beauties drop.  Pick a peck for even your worst friends at 50¢ per pound.


The Vintage Orchard is still easy picking.  You’ll find Northern Spy, Red Delicious, Rome Beauty and spots of Cortland and Mac.


On a boo-hissy note, the pumpkin patch is cleaned out.  All picked!  But it’s a good problem to have—no waste—and we’ll grow more next year.


The Sprout Patch, on the other hand, is overflowing.  Brussels sprouts are “cruciferous and nutrisherous.”  You heard it here first.


We’re going to pre-shuck a bunch of stalks for you this week.  When you come to the weekend sale, ask about picking your own.


Or, technically, lopping your own.  Nothing like u-lop Brussels sprouts.  Feel like a farmer, but quit when you want.


When you come back down to the stand, you’ll find donuts, late veggies, hot cider, and the cutest thing ever:  little lunchbox apples.


Also grownup apples… Those Victorians were so naughty!  Their formal facades and fancy names—Claygate, Pearmain—were surely just a cover.


Anyway, back to our top story:  u-pick apples for 50¢ per pound all weekend.  Thanks to local businesses like Greenstar, Oasis, Agway, Ithaca Bakery, and The Piggery for helping us announce the sale.  Lots of new faces on the farm.


Come out Saturday or Sunday, October 26-27, to wander and harvest.  If you come before then, just clang the clanger and we’ll magically appear.


Happy fall colors.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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2 Responses to The Giant 50-Cent Sale Continues and Zorro Gets a Promotion.

  1. rob champion says:

    love the way you use photographs to tell the story – were on our way and will repost on facebook- admiring fan.

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