Breaking New Ground this Winter, and Apple Cider in the Polar Vortex.

WITH A NAME like Polar Vortex, it’s gotta be cold.  But with a name like Tundra, you just know she loves it.  Yes, the old girl knows how to handle winter:  she lounges around on the cold hard ground.


As you can see, Tundra is not quite as pure and white as the driven snow, but who is?  Farmers talk like sailors which rules us out.


Certainly not Zorro or Balto.  Those world-class loafers have hearts of coal—unless you’re holding a hunk of food, then it’s all kissy kissy.


Even Katrina, despite her heart of Gold(en Delicious), can’t match the gleam of Indian Creek snow or Rembrandt-brand teeth.


But our humble herd of mutts has inspired us all the same.  “Don’t cower in winter,” they seem to say.  “STAY OPEN!”


{ Farm stand = open. }


So, we’re breaking new ground:  We’ll be open self-serve every day through February and maybe longer!  As long as the cider flows.


This Saturday, the stand will be staffed 11 AM to 4 PM.  Come then to get 4 gallons of cider for just $5 each, and 5# totes of Honeycrisps for only $5!


Also cash in on Saturday’s Mutsu special:  Only $20/bushel!  If you can’t make it Saturday, call the Cidermeister at (607) 793-3560.

Farm Buzz.

{ Community. }


Round the nation, folks are tuning into the charms of cider.  See this nifty infographic about how hard cider is becoming the new beer.


Right downtown, kids at New Roots Charter School are tuning into local food.  See how Indian Creek Mutsus beat grocery apples in a taste test!


Soon after, the enterprising young locavores made apple butter from our Mutsus.  Bravo, lads and lasses, and bon appétit!


This week’s final entry in the “Community” section pertains to YOU:  Please send us your ideas for how to improve the farm. Thanks and hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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