Big Spring Sale:  10 Pounds of Apples and a Gallon of Cider for $10!

IN CASE YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN what civilized weather looks like, this Crayola masterpiece by a local kid will jog your memory.


Doesn’t matter whether you are a good or bad appleeveryone is welcome at our SPRING CIDER & APPLE SALE.  Starting now!


You can get MUTSU AND ROME BEAUTY apples for just 50¢ PER POUND while supplies last!  Which won’t be long!


That means 10 POUNDS AND A GALLON OF CIDER for only $10!  Cider is on sale for $5/gallon and $3/half.


HONEYCRISP is on sale, too!  Grab 5-pound totes of utilities for $5.  That’s a BUCK A POUND for you math-o-phobes.


Spring sale prices are in effect UNTIL WE ARE SOLD OUT.  Don’t be late, or you gotta wait… a loooong time.


These are our LAST LOCAL APPLES.  Help us clear out the coolers for the new season!  Call ahead for carboys, (607) 793-3560.


Heartfelt thanks to the LOCAL KIDS of the 4-H Urban Outreach (“SIFE”) program at Belle Sherman Elementary School.  And to all you farm fans after a wicked winter, hope to see you at The ‘Creek!

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