$3 Cider Jugs and Apples for 50¢ a Pound: More Spring Sale Stuff!

THIS IS LIKE one of those circulars you get in the mail with crazy prices that go BAM!  Usually you toss them right into your kindling pile, but please have a look at this one.  It is our 1st Annual Spring Cider & Apple Clearance Sale.


The deep discounts will amaze you this week.  Mustus are just 50¢ per pound… Boo frickin’ yah!  Available in prepacked totes.


Rome Beauties, same deal.  That means 10 pounds for 5 bucks, 4 pounds for 2 bucks, you get the idea.  Share with friends.


The Cidermeister is pressing again this morning.  Stop by and see.  Half-gallons are only $3, gallons are $5.  Doggone cheap.

The ‘Meister has gone insane with price-slashing.  Get your carboy filled for only $4 per gallon!  Call (607) 793-3560.

Help us clear out for a new season.  Berry time is round the corner!  But who can make promises with this year’s nutso weather?

faithSpeaking of cider love and wild weather, one of our biggest Ambrosia fans is going to march 2,000 miles to raise awareness of global climate change.  Ithaca College student Faith Meckley is joining the Great March for Climate Action.  Here’s her blog and fundraising site.  Good luck, Faith, and thanks for supporting local food.


Meanwhile, the great northern beast called Zorro will be raising awareness of climate change by lolling about as much as possible.  He is conserving energy.  We are giving him extra free time for this noble endeavor.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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