Last Call for Spring Cider and Apples, and a New Page for News.

FARM FANS, your loyal shopping over the winter allowed us to stretch the season longer than ever.  The Cidermeister estimates that apples and cider will be sold out within 2 weeks.  This is LAST CALLLLL!


You can tell things are wrapping up.  We made our last delivery of Mutsus to our friends at Greenstar Coop this week.


And we pressed one last donation of cider for Loaves and Fishes.  Being served with lunch for a few days.


You can still get fresh-pressed cider on sale here, just 5 bucks a gallon.  When it’s gone… it’s gone til next apple harvest.


Same story with Rome Beauties.  Load up on local apples at 50¢ a pound. Get 10 pounds and a gallon of cider for $10!


That will be all she wrote.  The farm stand will be quiet for a month while we tend the berry patches.  Strawberries in June!


Thanks for being locavores this winter and spring.  We’ll send a quick note when everything is sold out.  Meanwhile, visit our new web page, The News from The ‘Creek.  It puts all the latest crop alerts in one place so you can check during the picking season.  You can also stroll down memory lane to 2013, 2012, and 2011—every newsletter we ever sent!  More web stuff coming soon.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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