Plant Your Own Backyard Orchard with Trees from Our Sister.

DID YOU KNOW that Indian Creek Farm has a sister?  A sister business.  Her name is Cummins Nursery.  She is… us!


Wearing our Cummins Nursery hats, we grow the fruit trees that get planted here on the farm—and all around the country.


Each year, we ship thousands of baby fruit trees to enthusiasts nationwide.  Big orchards and back yards, alike.


The 2014 shipping season has just about wrapped, but there are a few APPLE and PEAR trees left.  Now is your chance!


Plant your own orchard with APPLE and PEAR trees grown here on the farm.  Time to order and time to plant!


See our online inventory of APPLE and PEAR trees, then email us your wishlist at


But before you order, check out our SECRET STASH OF SMALL TREES in these 2 PDF files:  APPLE PDF | PEAR PDF.  These files list all the trees remaining as of May 7, 2014—including the smallest grade called 5/16.  If all this tree mumbo-jumbo has you confused, call us at (607) 592-2801.


For about $20 per tree you can start a family tradition of caring for a fruit tree in your yard—and snacking year after year.


Trees can be shipped to you or picked up at Indian Creek by arrangement over the phone or email.  You can also sign up for the Cummins Nursery newsletter.  See the May 2014 newsletter here.


In other farm news, the stand will be closed for a few weeks as we prep the summer crops.  Stay tuned and see you at The ‘Creek.

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