Are the Strawberries Chirping Yet? When Can You Pick Them?

HELLO, FARM FANS.  Happy June.  Been busy this spring.  Planted more vegetables than ever.  You can pat us on the back.  Thanks, that felt good.  But we know you really want a report on the strawberries.


Picking is slated to open NEXT WEEK.  It will be a SOFT LAUNCH and we will send a crop alert WHEN READY.  (Get it by email.)


We are seeing lots of green ones.  They look like this.  Like strawberries without their summer makeup.


And today, June 5, we are starting to see red ones mixed in.  Not tons and tons, but some.


But, the wicked cold winter put a hurting on the crop.  The haul will be smaller than last year.  So, stay tuned to the crop alerts… Don’t miss the berry train!  Next week we’ll send out a crop alert email.


On the bright side, the apple crop seems to have wintered okay.  Let’s get primed for a good season with this poem by a true sprout at Enfield Elementary, who submitted this to the I Heart NY Agriculture Contest.

“Indian Creek Farm”
by Reese Olivia Mount
Age 9

On a quiet countryside,
Where the sky is clear and blue,
The love of Mother Nature there,
Is very strong and true.

While the plants are swaying,
In the light summer breeze,
The apples are swaying on big apple trees.

The sun is shining so brightly,
And for so ever warm,
It seems like there never has been a single storm.

The place I am referring to,
The place I’ve talked about,
Is Indian Creek Farm,
Made of beauty, joy and sprouts.


Beauty, joy, and sprouts… Got tears yet?  The poet reportedly enjoys digging for minerals, gems, and stones.  She hopes to be a geologist someday.  “Rock” on, Reese!  Hope to see you all at The ‘Creek.

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