Light Strawberry Picking Begins; Mornings Are Your Best Shot.

“The sun will come out tomorrow,” sang the apple-cheeked orphan diva.  Great old song.  But Ithacans have about as much faith in that promise as they do in Reaganomics.  Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow… it’ll be gray.


It has been a soggy week on the farm — not much sun to bring out the strawberries.  But there ARE berries.  A few anyway.


We’re trying to decide what message to post on the sign.  There ARE berries, but the crop is light.  Bitter winter packed a wallop.


What does that mean for you?  Well, a diligent young lady came out Wednesday morning and picked 3 boxes like this.


It is simply not like last year, when so many of you were finding your thrill on strawberry hill.  This year, it’s hit and miss.


Mornings are your best shot.  Pick before everyone else!  Best of all is after a sunny day.  See Facebook for daily status.


Get boxes and brochures at the stand, then wander up to the berry patch with modest expectations.


At the very least you’ll get a sweeping vista of the squishy countryside.  See the farm before it’s all spruced for summer.


Meanwhile, we’re setting up shop and posting signs… and cheering USA in the World Cup!  (Impossible odds.)


Clearly this sign is not ready yet.  That is NOT the road to the tomatoes.  Do not believe everything you read.


But this IS a real peach!  Although the strawberry crop is small, raspberries, peaches, and apples look pretty good.


We’re pruning the peach rows, finishing vegetables, and fixing stuff.


We have 3 baseball hats on this project.  Guaranteed fix.


Finally, in dog news, Balto is almost rested from a busy winter.  He was quite the publicity hound – featured on the official Twitter page of Purina


That’s it for this week.  Come hunt for berries.  You might find a few.  Or just hike around to start off the year.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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