Our Inspiring Underdog of a Strawberry Patch Has Outlasted the Spanish World Cup Team.

DEAR FARM FANS, these strawberry fields are not forever.  They get picked clean before noon each day.  Indeed the crop is thin, but it has lasted deeper into June than the reigning soccer champs, and lucky pickers have been surprised by the plucky berries’ pizzazz.


Taking cues from Neymar, Messi, and other world football stars, a few prominent berries are using their fame for good.


Just look beneath the leaves.  You might run into a celebri-berry.  There are 9,942 plants here.  Bound to find a few.


We don’t want sad faces, so we are posting reality updates on Facebook, the chalkboards, and the phone:  (607) 227-8248.


We recommend happy faces, because the rest of the crops look promising.  Raspberries are next, in a few weeks.


Then peaches will arrive.  Everybody cries when peach season is over, so save your tears til then, and be of good cheer meanwhile.


Vegetables should be a big deal this year.  We went coo-coo and planted tons.  When the tomato sign is level, the crops are ripe.


Apples are the biggest deal of all.  Some are already blushing in anticipation of the love you will show them.

Farm Buzz

{ Side News. }


The lads are building a trellis.  It will hold new raspberry plants for years.  We use strawberries to measure the chainsaw cuts.


Maybe you are bummed about the strawberry crop.  For consolation, we are offering all the weeds you can pick.  Free.


If anyone left a comb, sorry, we are using it to rake the basil patch.  Kinda weird, kinda perfect.


Everyone is weird and perfect in their own way.  “FARMALL” means the farm is open to all.


Yes, everyone is welcome here.  Even the green tomatoes are joining the movement.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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