Strawberries, Raspberries, and 100 Crops That Taste Like Rocks.

KIND OF SOGGY in farm town this week.  Strawberries get squooshed if you pick them in the rain, but you’ll do okay if you pick them after a few hours of sun.  The “get muddy” experience is free at Indian Creek, and a chance to test your Mucks or Wellies.


The strawberry crop is thin.  But these sweeties were picked in the time it took to sing 2 lines of “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine.”


Raspberries!  We hope that next week’s crop alert will sound the start of raspberry picking.  They are “sugaring up” now.


Everything else is growing nicely.  We planted more vegetables than ever before.  Tomatoes are coming round, and it’s only June.


Eggplant will be coming out your ears this year.  Start thinking about how you are going to use them:  grilling, frying, pickling…


You will find a plethora of peppers.  Hots and sweets.  Poblanos, Italians, habaneros, jalapeños, green, red, you name it.


Everyone is asking when peaches will be ready to pick.  Peaches are an August thing.  Right now they taste like rocks.


Nectarines are the fuzzless cousins.  They taste even more like rocks.  Soon enough we will announce nectarine season.


Pears.  They taste good in late August and early September.  Right now they taste like, you guessed it, rocks.


You can see the apples are off to a great start.  There are a few August varieties, followed by about 60 other types in high season!


Pumpkins are invisible in June.  They taste like air.  In a couple months they will taste like rocks.  Then pumpkins in October.


Finally sprouts in November.  All told you will find over 100 crops that ripen at different times.  Stay with us as the fun gets funner in the coming weeks.  You’ll start to see lots more action at the stand soon.

Farm Buzz

{ Side News. }


And now for a point of order:  Please do not pick, or otherwise mess with, the soy beans in the big field next to us.  It’s not ours.


And your farm trivia for the week:  This invaluable contraption is called a “spinning jenny.”  True story.


Last but not least, we have 2 freshly minted Doctors of Philosophy here at the farm.  An economist and a Latinist.  They will be giving free expert advice at the farm stand all summer.  Come pick fruit and get schooled.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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