Raspberries In, Strawberries Out, and the Secret of the Crop Alerts.

DEAR FARM FAITHFUL, it is time to let you in on a secret.  As you know, we send out these weekly Crop Alerts to give you first crack at the best stuff.  And if you have been reading since the beginning—way back in 2011—you might remember this picture of raspberries playing footie during the Women’s World Cup.


Well, that photo was sent to 33 people.  Our list was small back then.  Today, each Crop Alert reaches thousands of pickers.

09-IMG_2566Which brings us to the big reveal:  The best time to pick is the day BEFORE you get the email.  Yes, before the ensuing crop mob.

12-IMG_2570During the week, the farm is quiet.  You get the lovely scenery all to yourself.  And the fruit.  Clever pickers love weekday mornings.

04-10481619_823802720977834_2007905478045477571_nLike super-picker, Beth, who scored these juicy orbs 2 days ago!  She was kind enough to share her discovery on the farm’s Facebook.

05-IMG_2552That’s how it’s done, folks.  You can beat the crowds during the week, especially for small, specialty crops like strawbs and raspbs.

06-IMG_2555Speaking of which… Adios, Strawberries.  Hola, Raspberries.  Light raspberry picking has begun in the old field and the new one.

07-IMG_2557This is the new planting, and it is already bearing a crop.  It is not a huge crop, and not really ripe yet.  But you might find a few now.

08-IMG_2564There are stretches of red berries, and lots of unripe ones that will “come online” in the next couple weeks.

10-IMG_2568But don’t believe everything you read.  (For example, there is no cider yet, despite random signs you’ll see around the farm.)  We try to keep you apprised of the latest picking news, but the mailing list has grown big.  When a Crop Alert hits thousands of inboxes, pickers come swarming and that can change things fast.  You can always call the stand beforehand (607-227-8248), and you can see our daily updates on Facebook.  But your best bet is to stop in early and often.

Farm Buzz

{ Side News. }

11-IMG_2547We are here this weekend.  Everything is self-serve.  It’s a rare chance for us farmers to hang with friends and family before summer work really kicks in after the 4th.

03-p1050601We’re gonna open the stand very soon.  Veggies are looking great.  Next week we’ll announce the opening date.  Til then, have a safe and happy holiday weekend.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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