A New Raspberry Field, and the First Vegetables of the Season.

WELL, GOSH, you have all been very patient.  It is summer and the weather is primo and you are being gracious about our quiet start.  So far, no tantrums or farmer-bashing.  Good stuff is coming soon.


You can find light picking in the two raspberry fields.  The old field is in its final year.  The new field is just charging up.


If you see gorgeous red berries on the same bush as dark purple ones… the reds are not the ripe ones!  They still need to turn purple.


If you are a super lucky person—like Cristiano Ronaldo with the skills and the looks and the money—you’ll find a rare golden raz.


One of our newly minted PhDs—Allie, Doyenne de Vegetables—has cast Latin spells to bring forth eggplant and zucchini!


You can get these pre-picked at the stand (self-serve) for now.  Soon the stand will be staffed and veggie fields will be u-pick!


Talk about food with wings.  These stir-fryable eggplants have been doing their best hummingbird act in the flower patch.


Yeah, like we said, you can pick raspberries yourself, but please wait til we sound the horn for the other crops.


For example, when tomatoes are ready to pick, this sign will be level with gravity.  Kind of amazing that it knows when to make X=0.

Farm Buzz

{ Side News. }


Thanks to everyone who has already been picking.  And thanks to you guys who are waiting patiently.  We plan to open the farm stand for real next Wednesday—might have blueberries and a few peaches.


Stay tuned to next week’s Fresh Crop Alert, when you will hear the worldwide debut of the official Indian Creek theme song!  Til then, hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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