Pick Your Own Veggies, Berries, and Herbs, and Shop at the Freshly Stocked Farm Stand.

DEAR ‘CREEKERS, the farm stand is officially open!  We will be staffed and stocked for the rest of the season—7 days a week.  Vegetable picking begins today, so help us ring in the summer!

Our Juilliard-trained, free-range bird will get you started with the Summer 2014 Theme Song.


That little number was written in Poultrese.  It is hard to translate.  In English: “Come pick 3 kinds of squash and Armenian cukes.”


The line repeats three times.  It is the pretty-sounding part that goes, BOK BOK BOK… BAHGOCCCKKKK!

04-P1160640Background chickens are off camera, but you can hear them crooning, “Also pick your own Japanese eggplant!”

05-P1220525The last line is about raspberries.  “Mornings are your best chance to find ripe ones—especially after a sunny day.”

1-P1220600After the tune ends, you can hear them say, “Cut your own fresh basil, too.  Adds a spark of summer to any dish.”

08-P1050731Meantime, down at the stand, we’ll be stocking blueberries, melons, onions, potatoes, and even a few peaches!

10-P1100349 You might remember that many melons are sensitive to light, while others prefer to muff their ears.

14-P1220583We have freshly cut flower bunches—with or without the glass jar—that make a nice surprise for friend or foe.

13-P1220578New this year, a few specialty items from our friends up in Geneva apple country.  Tart Cherry Sorbet and Crabapplesauce!

11-P1220588We also have new brochures, with updated crop locations on the map.  You can download a copy to keep on your phone.

Farm Buzz

{ Side News. }


In town, Farmer Dusky is building the fence for a new community garden with our friends at Cornell Cooperative Extension.


In the virtual realm, we spruced up our video gallery and created a new YouTube Channel.  The movies are mostly pointless.


Last—and definitely least—we have a Google+ Page.  We have attracted zero followers, compared to almost 2,000 on our Facebook.  We post daily news on both sites.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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7 Responses to Pick Your Own Veggies, Berries, and Herbs, and Shop at the Freshly Stocked Farm Stand.

  1. Mary Jo Thurber says:

    Wondering how the raspberry fields are for picking this week?

    • Mary Jo, the raspberry fields are kind of like they have been the past few weeks — if you are here at the right time, you can pick a few quarts. Someone picked 10 pints in the old field this morning. Folks were out picking in the new field today. Allie picked a pint in about 10 minutes last night. Basically, you have to be a diligent picker and a little lucky, too.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Love the newsletter and the hen tunes.

  3. senecaunion says:

    Love the rooster! But, we were up picking raspberries yesterday afternoon and there was lovely music coming from somewhere in the field. We didn’t investigate because it was starting to rain .. but it was lovely to listen to while picking :)

  4. Jean Gerow says:

    Your ‘rooster’ is a lady! I knew right away due to the perfect phrasing and harmonies being played. Roosters tend toward one dimensional pieces and (I don’tknow the technical word for this) appear a bit more spastic.
    PS: love your newsletter!

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