Peaches, Apples, Donuts, Cider and Your New Orchard Playground!

HAVE YOU NOTICED that we are having a wee spell of Scottish weather?  Mucky and cool?  Cool and mucky?


Let’s pretend it is still summer.  Come pick peaches.  We have tons of juicies at the stand if the orchard gets picked clean.


Come pick summer apples, too.  The Zestars are the first reds of the year.  Eat them fresh.  They are crisp, delicious, and sweet-tart.


Mom’s new signs are a huge help.  We will be hanging signs for all the varieties as they ripen.  The signs will match the brochure map.


After Zestar, go up the row til you find the new Gingergold sign.  You can download the map onto your phone.


Great news!  The Cidermeister is cranking out “Orchard Ambrosia.”  Nothing but cold-pressed, old-fashioned, unpasteurized cider.


And what happens when you spill cider in the batter?  Apple cider DONUTS!  We will serve them fresh on SATURDAY 1 til 5 PM.


And now for the vegetable portion of our show.  Come pick eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes.  Check the far ends of the rows.


We have hot peppers, sweet peppers, classic eggplant, Japanese eggplant, Fairytale eggplant, and tomatoes of many stripes.


It is a time of great bounty.  It is a joy to see friends picking local food each week.  Please come help us enjoy the harvest.

Farm Buzz

{ Swings. }

In Scotland they say, “As ye waggle, so shall ye swing.”  It means:  Wiggle your hips to get power when you strike a golf ball.


On the farm we say, “As ye swing, so shall ye pick.”  It means:  Warm up on the new swings, and you’ll pick better food!


We have always called the farm “Ithaca’s Orchard Playground.”  But now there really is a playground—Version 1.0!


Farmer Steve made a cute kid-plane.  The prop already fell off.  What the frack do you people want?!  Disney World?


We wrapped the chains in old tractor tubes—should prevent pinchy-pinchy of little fingers.  (But supervise your kids.)


The frame is solid locust wood from the farm.  The seats are cut from an old local oak that fell down.


This year’s Stumphenge mystery is solved!  But we won’t stop there.  Stay tuned for the next free upgrade of “Ithaca’s Orchard Playground.”  Look for Version 1.5 in the next couple weeks.  Meanwhile, hope to see you (swinging) at The ‘Creek.

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