Peach, Pear, and Tomato Specials; More New Apples to Pick; Fresh Cider and Homemade Donuts!

LOYAL FARMKETEERS, we start this week’s program with a public service announcement.  Junk food junkies, please listen up.


“Kids, this is what will happen if you don’t eat your fruits and vegetables every day of the year!”


That’s why Farmer Bruno says, “If your great-grandma never heard of it, don’t eat it!”  And now for this week’s sweets and treats…


PEAR season starts today.  Pick your own Bartletts for only $1.50/lb, and if you pick a bushel, pay only 99¢/lb!


PEACH season continues.  Pick your own til the trees are clean.  Get gorgeous peaches at the stand for the u-pick price while they last!


TOMATO time is here.  Pick 4 pecks of Romas or beefsteaks for the price of 3!  That’s like $30 per bushel.


We’ve also picked tomatoes for you.  Get a peck of Romas for $10 or Field Runs for only $8.  Put up for winter sauce.


APPLE season is warming up.  New this week, pick your own Sansa apples.  Last week’s Zestars and Gingergolds… all picked!


To get ready for apple time, see our tutorial, “How to Pick an Apple.”  Pretty basic, but you might learn something.


CIDER season rolls along.  Each week the blend gets better as new apples come online.  Experience the seasons through cider.


It’s a slippery slope, but once you got cider, you got cider donuts.  We’ll serve them fresh on Saturday 1 til 5 PM!

13-P1160966It is a time of great bounty at the farm.  Still got plenty of peppers, melons, chard and squash to pick, and more treasures at the stand.

Farm Buzz

{ Side News. }


Some of you might remember Veggiestock here at the farm.  Recently, a terrific local news site, The Ithaca Voice, ran the story for the August anniversary of Woodstock.  Check out the Voice, “in-depth journalism that’s fun, fast and free.”


It has been amazing to see you all enjoying Playground Version 1.0!  Kids swinging and grownups, too!


It’s gonna get even better!  Version 2.0 will roll out next week.  What is Farmer Steve making?  Aren’t you insane with curiosity?  Well, you can see the work in progress this week.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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