The 99¢ Big Mac Sale, Pumpkin Pop Explosion, Playground 3.0, and the Pigs Party in 9 Days.

THIS WEEKEND’S FARMCAST—Partly cidery with a 100% chance of donuts.  Abundant apples in the morning and afternoon.  Heavy pumpkins til dark.  Expect McIntosh flooding in some kitchens following a massive sale.  Dress for sunflowers and smiles.


It’s time, folks.  It’s apple time.  Don’t mess around and miss it.  Pick McIntosh apples for only 99¢/lb when you pick 10 pounds!


Come see the BIGGEST pumpkin patch around.  Practice carving for the Pigs-n-Apples Party.  Score a great coupon on Facebook.


The cider tastes better every week because new apples ripen.  The donuts taste better every week because… they’re donuts.

Party Next Week!

{ Saturday, September 27. }

Pigs-n-Apples POSTER 2014Only 9 days away!  RAIN OR SHINE.  You’ll get a special update next week, but one thing to note now:  No parking on the highway or the sheriff will run us out of town.  We will find a spot for you on the farm.  Prepare for a crowd.  Breathe.  Smile.  It’s a FREE PARTY.


There will be food and games.  There will be wet and dirty kids.  The Apples will beat the Pigs in tug-of-war, as usual.


BRING YOUR BEST PIE.  Last year’s winner was some tasty sh*t.  You’ve watched enough cooking shows, now go big or go home!


We’ll be unveiling the brand new FARM SHIRTS.  The kid shirts are cute as HECK.  Original doodles and unambiguous panache.


These are American Apparel shirts, made in USA, silk-screened locally by our secret agent at Comet Skateboards.  They use non-toxic, water-based inks.  There are 2 designs—one for kid shirts and one for adults.  We’re stocking 6 sizes and 6 colors all told.  $14 kid, $16 adult.  Wear yours proudly, Farmketeer!

Playground 3.0!

{ It Just Keeps Growing. }


Ithaca’s Orchard Playground started with the swings.  Even big kids are bumrushing the baby airplane.  Build it and they will come.


Last week we snuck in Version 2.0:  A real farm tractor for kids to explore, with a lookout deck and a climbing ramp.


Down the other side, a pokey old slide.  Supposedly for small humans, but it also works for fresh-picked apples.


And it works for big “kids,” too.  Here’s 3 generations of Ohio’s best, playing on Version 2.  So what’s next?  Version 3.0!


This weekend, we’ll have a new log-sandbox thing.  WE NEED YOUR TOYS!  If you have old sandbox toys like buckets or Tonkas, drop them off at the farm stand anytime.  We’ll make them available to all.


Well, folks.  Lots happening at the farm.  Zorro came fresh out of the grooming salon and jammed his nose into some mud.  Just to teach us some twisted lesson.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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1 Response to The 99¢ Big Mac Sale, Pumpkin Pop Explosion, Playground 3.0, and the Pigs Party in 9 Days.

  1. The farm keeps gettin’ betterer and betterer!!! Love the shirts – great colors, cool doodles, real keepers. Every week is more fun to read than the last!!

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