Get Ready for the Pigs-n-Apples Party This Saturday! Rain or Shine!

HI, FARM FANS.  Today’s Fresh Crop Alert contains the latest update on Saturday’s harvest hootenany.  Please read, then tell us you’re coming on the Facebook event.  You can also consult the party page for details.  See IMPORTANT PARKING INFO below.


On Saturday, September 27, from noon til 3 PM, there will be a party called Pigs-n-Apples III.  RAIN OR SHINE.  In other words, the rain date is Saturday, too.  We’ll be here no matter what.


You will see a crap-ton of cars, people, and activities.  We don’t know how many people will show up, but we’ll do our best to make it smooth.  Hopefully everyone will GO WITH THE FLOW.  Kids will share nice on the playground.  Parents won’t fret about dirty kids.


IMPORTANT:  DO NOT PARK ON THE HIGHWAY (RTE 96).  THE SHERIFF WILL TOW YOUR CAR.  After towing a bunch of cars, the sheriff will run us out of town like so many swine-rustlin’ scofflaws.  Then there won’t be any more pigs or apples congregating west of Cayuga’s waters.  Good ideas:  Consider (1) carpooling and (2) arriving early.  There will be traffic.


We’ll help you find a parking spot on the farm.  Then you can wander to the party on the hilltop.  Admission is free.  Games are free.  YEP, IT’S A FREE PARTY.   You could even come out “cash-flow positive” if your kid finds the Golden Apple.


There will be FOOD AND DRINK FOR SALE.  The Piggery will serve their famous local meats on the grill.  They will also have vegetarian and vegan calabacitas.  Our friends from Eve’s Cidery will be on the scene with their artisan hard ciders.  Of course there will be donuts and fresh cider from Indian Creek, and possibly other goodies.


Feel free to supplement the food with your own picnic, and definitely bring your BEST APPLE PIE.  This contest is no joke—delicious pies showed up last year.  But there’s always room at the top:  Could you be the challenger who makes the reigning champs eat humble pie?


Apple and pumpkin picking will work like a normal day, but there will be TWO PLACES TO PAY AND SHOP:  the farm stand down front and the party tent.  Your best option will be to pay at the party tent so you can hop in your car and leave—without trying to park temporarily at the farm stand on your way out, where the parking lot will be full.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME.  The party is our chance to say thanks for another great year.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek!

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3 Responses to Get Ready for the Pigs-n-Apples Party This Saturday! Rain or Shine!

  1. Marion Krohn says:

    Don’t know if you create your own website or have a marketing rep do it for you……LOVE the presentation and content. Very creative and fun. Delightful!!!
    Oh, yeah…. loved coming to the farm and picking berries and peaches,too. Hope to return soon!

    • Thank you kindly, Marion. We have a guy here on the farm that does the web stuff. Come on out for apple and pumpkin season! They are in high gear starting now. Also sunflowers and Brussels sprouts ;-)

  2. Please bring a mobile Pigs-n-Apples party to Boston!!! Sounds so fun but perhaps we could organize a tour bus full of the Boston crowd to come to the wicked party there. Have fun!!

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