All Hail Breaks Loose in the Orchard, and the Farm Needs You Now!  Apple Storm Sale in Effect.

SIX MINUTES OF MARBLE-SIZED HAIL bombarded the orchard this week.  We’re talking about iceballs with a bad attitude.  The pumpkins are thick-skinned and the dogs are hard-headed, but some of the apples got dinged and dimpled.


Farm fans, this is a teachable moment.  The apples that got hit by hail are PERFECT FOR EATING—the Goddess simply gave them dimples.  But they MUST BE PICKED NOW.  You can’t take the crop for granted.  Please come picking before these divinely dimpled apples fall off the trees, or another celestial tantrum cancels the season.


Pick beautiful Cortland apples for only 99¢ a pound when you pick 10 pounds.  That will take you 10 minutes.  Easy picking.


Now picking in the Dwarf Orchard:  “Beni Shogun” Fuji, Jonagold, Liberty, Empire, Sweet 16, and Sir Prize.


Is it Apptober or Pumptober?  Both.  High apple season and high pumpkin season are RIGHT NOW.


We have the biggest pumpkin patch ever, and a nifty coupon for pumpkins and apples on our Facebook page.  Claim it!


The Cidermeister improves her blend with every wave of new apples, and you can get cider donuts Sat 10:30-3, Sun 10:30-4.


Next to the pumpkins, a gorgeous field of sprouts.  Please lop the WHOLE STALK, do not pick single sprouts or you’ll wreck the plant!

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If you want to become a full-fledged Farmketeer, try a sweet new shirt.  There are 6 sizes and 6 colors, and it’s all original artwork.


The shirts are 100% cotton and made in USA.  The inks are non-toxic and made in USA.  The printing was done here in Ithaca.

9-Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 9.27.39 AM

A very special THANKS to all you kids and grownups who came to the 3rd Annual Pigs-n-Apples Party.  It was kind of amazing.  A few folks have posted photos on the Facebook event.  We’ll post some, too.  Meanwhile, let’s keep the season going.  Get outside, pick some food.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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