Fall + Farm + Food = New Apples, Giant Pumpkins, Cheap Pears, and Super Sprouts.

IT HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR, this burst of giant Mutsu apples and even gianter pumpkins.  Please come share it with us.  It is the Big Show, the Fall Fancy, the Autumn Awesome.


Check it out:  Pumpkin-sized apples in the Mutsu Orchard.  Pay only 99¢ a pound when you pick 10 pounds!


We know a guy in England.  Says “the women” over there call Mutsus “oven busters.”  Bake a big one for a small feast.


Of course the Mutsu is legendary as a pie apple.  The wedges hold their shape for the full fruit experience.


Folks, we have the biggest u-pick pumpkin patch in a thousand square miles and every pumpkin needs a home.


It is like shooting fish in a barrel.  We can’t make it any easier.  You will trip over Grade A specimens everywhere.


Pear sale!  Get a 10-lb bag of prepicked #2 Bartletts for only $5!  That’s 50¢/lb.  Perfect for canning, saucing, snacking.


Brussels Sprouts are so fricking nutritious.  Young adults say, “Sprouts are stupid nutritious” and “hella good for you.”


Fresh cider any day of the week.  Fresh cider donuts Saturday 10:30-3 and Sunday 10:30-4.

How You Can Help the Farm!

{ Easy stuff. }


The proudest Farmketeers wear the farm colors around town.  The lads are picking fresh shirts off the trees.  Put ’em on your kids.  If you don’t receive compliments on these, wear yours to the farm stand and we will compliment you roundly.


Some sourpuss gave the farm a measly 2 stars on our Yelp page after attending the Pigs-n-Apples Party.  Harumph!  Two smelly stars?  Um, HELLO, there were truckloads of sweet little children enjoying at least a 3-star party for FREE.  Sheesh.  Loyal Farmies, you can go to Yelp now and write a decent review of the farm if you want.  Somebody has to dispel the dark cloud cast by Negative Nancy No Fun Nelly.


If you have heard yourself complaining about the short summers here in the Finger Lakes, you better thank [insert your deity, if you have one] for this blessed spell we are having.  Time to turn off your computer and get outdoors while it’s halfway civilized.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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