99¢ Apple Sale, 50¢ Pear Sale, Pumpkin Population Explosion, Sprouts, Cider, and Donuts!

SURELY YOU ALL REMEMBER the nursery rhyme, “Humpty Pumpty.”  We reproduce it here for your pleasure.

02-IMG_6672Humpty Pumpty is in a bad way,
But the pumpkin patch is packed today.
Come to The ‘Creek and join in the shouts,
“Three cheers for pumpkins, apples, and sprouts!”


We grew our biggest pumpkin patch ever, and we have our best workers sorting and polishing for you.


You can hunt for your dream gourd in the megapatch, or grab your favorite orb in the “E-Z” pile by the stand.


Speaking of easy, you must come pick Mutsu apples.  They are a great confidence-builder.  Our beginning farmhands train on Mutsus.  Even a guy in a Piggery shirt can do it.  Only 99¢ a pound (10+ pounds).


Mutsus are the eyeballs of autumn.  Keep YOUR peepers peeled for our FREE Mutsu coupon in the Ithaca Journal (Saturday), the Ithaca Times (this week!), and Greenleaf.


Brussels Sprouts are in peak form.  You can sautee them with Piggery bacon to achieve some kind of local food zenith.


Newsflash!  Pear sale!  Get a 10-lb bag of #2 Bartletts for only $5!  That’s 50¢/lb.  Perfect for canning, saucing, snacking.


This is your weekly donut reminder.  Cider donuts Saturday 10:30-3 and Sunday 10:30-4.  Fresh cider every day.


Marketing gurus say, “Don’t just show pictures of your product; show pictures of people nom-nomming your product.”


That’s the news for this week, folks.  We hope you can help us solve the pumpkin population problem—take some home!  Thanks for tuning in.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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