Get Your Halloween Pumpkins, Sweet Apple and Pear Deals, and Sprouts on the Stalk.

FARM FANS, a simple message this week:  Bundle up for blustery weather and come pick your October bounty.

1-IMG_3704Your dream pumpkins are dreaming about you.  Please take them home.  They live for Halloween.

2-P1070860The mutsu is legendary for snacks and pies.  It also stars in this postmodern still life masterpiece.

1-IMG_3762The pear sale continues!  Get a 10-lb bag of #2 Bartletts for only $5!  Perfect for canning, saucing, snacking.

3-P1130457Lop your own or find them at the stand.  Each stalk fills a wok with wonder… Mission: Nutrition & Delicion.

5-P1190927First we squeeze the apples into cider.  Then we convert the cider into donuts.  Agricultural alchemy.

— Farm Buzz —

{ ‘Creek Speak. }

1-IMG_3827At our Stumphenge Biomass Decomposition Preserve, the old apple trunks are rotting right on schedule.

2-IMG_3798Our stewardship scientific team is documenting a resurgence of the fungus, Crayola irisdescenticus.  Do not eat.

4-IMG_3821Nearby, kids can work on important problems like how to fly the Piper Cub in quixotic fall weather.

5-IMG_3850And how to fill their socks and pockets with local shale sand just in time for laundry day.

6-IMG_3844And the latest addition to the playground—this rock.  Some of you are going to think, “What is that?  What is it for?”  Let us farmers try to explain without dumbing down too much.  It’s a big rock.  For whatever.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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