What Happens After Halloween, New Apple Gift Boxes, and a Small Victory for Local Foodism.

AFTER HALLOWEEN, many kind and gentle pickers will forget about the farm.  Somewhere between sulking about the weather, switching back your clocks, and stressing about work, you will forget that we are still here and the STAND IS OPEN.


Guess what?  You can pick apples til around Thanksgiving!  Pick 10 pounds of mutsus for 99¢ a pound.


The stand will be open EVERY DAY, usually in self-serve mode, but you’ll probably see us around doing farmy stuff.


You can get APPLES, CIDER, SQUASH, and SPROUTS.  And here’s how you can get a FREE squash…

IMG_3866Wear your Halloween costume to the farm on Saturday!  Not just a silly hat—your whole scarifying getup.


Pumpkins sold out yesterday.  That’s good news because there’s no waste when you sell what you grow.  Thanks for picking local!


Same deal with donuts—done for the season.  They got a top score in the Ithaca Donut Review, but no more til next year!

New Apple Gift Boxes

{ Order now for the holidays. }


Do you ever want to share a taste of Indian Creek with your far-flung loved ones?  The Apple Gift Box is the ticket!


Order now for shipping in November (Thanksgiving) or December (Winter Holidays).  They’ll sell out fast!

Your Secret Escape

{ No mess.  No boss! }


Another reason to visit the farm in November is to escape the chaos and gloom of big city life.

7-IMG_3891Feel free to wander and take in the views.  Get out of the office.  Cancel an appointment.  We won’t hassle you or tell your boss.  What happens at the farm, stays at the farm.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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