We Will Put the Farm in a Box and Send It to Your People; There are Still Many Juicy Apples to Pick.

YOU KNOW that we farmers are not the sharpest blades in the barn.  We are not going to sprain our backs toting our brains around.  And we’re not shortlisted for any 4-H awards.


But once in a while we come up with a real whopper—an idea so profound it even gets Zorro excited.


You see, we’ve solved your problem:  “How can I send some Creekage to my homies in Delaware and Tuscaloosa?”


Put the farm in a box—a Local Apple Gift BoxOrder NOW for shipping by Thanksgiving or December holidays.


They’re moving fast.  Get yours while supplies last.  It’s a tasty, wholesome, and educational gift.

We’re Still Open!

{ And the Tater of Democracy. }


Here is our November collection:  apples, sprouts, cider, squash, spuds, and farm-fresh shirts (another great gift idea).


We are OPEN EVERY DAY.   You really help the farm when you shop in the slow season.   Keeps us going.


There are still PLENTY of Mutsu apples.  Pick them for only 99¢ a pound when you get 10 pounds.


And now for the Tater of Democracy.  It is big, bumpy, and dirty.  It is caught somewhere between Blue and Red—a murky shade of purple.  But it’s what we got.  Don’t take the Tater for granted.  Many people will not taste it in their lifetimes.


Yesterday the scales tipped one way.  Other times they tip back.  When things get too topsy-turvy, come out to the farm.  Walk around, munch an apple.  Daydreaming is encouraged.  Pretty much everyone is welcome.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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