Last Call — Thanksgiving Apple Boxes, Magnetic Farm Poetry, and What’s Left in the Orchards?

DEAR APPLE NUTS, it is going to be minus 50,000 degrees soon, so consider this your official farmer’s warning:  Come treasure hunting now for the last u-pick apples. 1-IMG_4025 All that’s left in the orchards is a smattering of Rome Beauty and Red Delicious.  Find trees with blue ribbons. 2-IMG_4019 You can also venture up to the sprout field, where you will find lopping instructions in farm-style magnetic poetry:  It is screwed on, you can’t move it, and it’s not funny. 3-IMG_4030 Meanwhile, down at the stand, we are not going gently into that dark night.  We’re still kicking and screaming and hawking our apples. 4-IMG_4032 We’re still squawking about our pears and sprouts and squash and cider.  We’re not scared of some dumb old Polar Vortex. 5-IMG_4041 Thing is, we’ve shifted to self-serve mode.  You can find what you like, weigh it on the scale, and drop cash in the chute. 1-IMG_4042 We’ll be shuffling stuff inside soon.  If the porch looks empty, just come in the double doors to find goodies.

Order Now for Thanksgiving.

{ And proof from above. }

1-P1210199 And now for the big news… Same as last week:  Local Apple Gift BoxesOrder before Monday for shipping by Thanksgiving. 4-IMG_3747 Share local apples with your friends and family.  Bosses—a terrific gift for your world-class assistant.  Order while supplies last. 2-IMG_4006 In case you are in denial about the imminence of w-i-n-t-e-r, we tracked these geese flying over the farm.  They are definitely flying south.  Take care and hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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