A Call to Action for Farm Fans: Get America’s Best Hard Ciders Online from Our Friends’ Local Orchard.

PRETTY SLOW news day on the farm, so this week we start with big news from our old friends at Eve’s Cidery:  You can now buy their amazing hard cider online for home delivery!  What a perfect holiday gift for foodies.  This stuff is no joke.


A glowing review in Cider Journal recently asked, “Is This the Best Cidery in America?” and continued that Eve’s ciders are “…among the very best in the United States and perhaps the best collection of ciders from any one producer.”  Holy crapple!


We go way back with Autumn and Ezra.  They are mild-mannered folks, but they get a sparkle in their eyes when they talk about cider.


They also get sparkling cider in their eyes, unless they put on zombie gear.  Give their bubbly nectar a whirl.


These mad scientists use refractometers to measure soluble solids.  Their apples grow on trees that were nurseried at Indian Creek.


And they have an amazing vintage in the bottle.  For the first time ever, you can order their ciders online for home delivery.  That’s our call to action:  Go to their little online store and help them move this stellar crop.  Save 20% when you buy a case of mixed bottles that you choose.  Or create your own 6-pack, 3-pack, or 2-pack.  Every penny will go straight to a small family farm right here in the Finger Lakes.

Winter at The ‘Creek.

{ The store has moved indoors. }


Back on the farm, we have moved indoors for the winter.  You can still get apples, sprouts, squash, and fresh (soft) cider.

We’re stocking a dozen varieties of apple while they last.  Last chance to “branch” out and try new varieties.


Pressing fresh Orchard Ambrosia every week.  It is crisp and delicious, with it’s most complex flavor this time of year.


Swings are empty, swinging in the wind.  You are welcome to come up any time for a romp around the grounds.

5-IMG_4122As always, we have the region’s best selection of dead flowers at bargain basement prices.  Zero dollars.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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