Local Thanksgiving Supplies, a Big Cider “Carboy” Sale, and Hard Cider Home Delivery.

HI, FARMIES!  Just a quick reminder that the farm stand is OPEN.  We are committed to being your eleventh-hour source of farm-fresh holiday victuals.  To wit: apples, sprouts, cider, and squash.


Everyone is going to bumrush the place when we say this, but we still have honeycrisp.  Get them now or next September.


We’re not making the pie for you.  It’s not called Indian Creek Bakery.  We just grow the stuff.  But apple pie is easy as… pie.


Show up at dinner with a stalk of sprouts (many people have never seen one) and you can be all like, “Yeah, I know about farming.”


As always, we are transcending our hillbilly instincts and keeping up appearances on the front porch.  Blue leather loveseat.


Let the Ambrosia flow-zha!  The spirit of Thanksgiving is the bounty of the harvest.  Grown, ground, and pressed right here.


BIG CIDER SALE:  You can drop off your 5-gallon carboys at the farm and we will fill them at our Friday pressings for $6/gallon — and only $5/gallon if you get 20 gallons or more!  Send an email to cumminsnursery@gmail.com with your phone number, how many gallons, and which Friday you want to have your carboys filled.


Our squashes sit off to the side of everything but they want to be taken home just as much as the apples and sprouts.


This is what we call a “selfie.”  The stand is in self-serve mode.  Do a selfie by leaving cash in the box.

To optimize your experience, we are piping happy shopper tunes into the store, along with extra oxygen like the casinos.


Well, that’s the dope.  Speaking of dope, we don’t make our own hard cider but you can order bottles for delivery from our fellow orchard-keepers at Eve’s Cidery.  It won’t be there by Thanksgiving because they don’t have drone delivery yet.  Maybe next year.  Happy Holidays from The ‘Creek.

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