Nudity in the Orchard, Foul-Weather Friends, and Our Drive for Five.

IT’S PRETTY SIMPLE:  You got local foodies and local foodists.  The foodies talk the talk.  They yammer on about parsnips and capons.  But local foodists, they simply eat lots of stuff from local farms.  Part of their daily routine.  Come heck or high snow.


We love our farmie foodists.  They are foul-weather friends.  They shop here in a blizzard with a crooked smile.


They are not scared off by farmers in coverups.  They are on a mission.  They will have their fruits and vegetables.


They come for the fresh, unpasteurized, verrrry cold cider each week.  Plus apples, sprouts, and squash.


Yes, the stand is open every day—indoors now—no matter how forlorn it looks from the road.  Self-serve all day.


Five customers a day—that’s our goal.  “Drive for Five.”  Even 50 bucks a day in winter helps sustain a small farm.

07-IMG_4460So come all ye foul-weathered friends and see mass nudity in the orchards.  The fruit trees are naked.

08-IMG_4464You can see their spindly limbs and structural sinews.  Pretty marvelous, just standing there all winter.

09-IMG_4451The playground is open daily.  A snowfort with lookout tower, hidden room, and climbing wall.  Ski in, ski out.

10-IMG_4459The snowbox awaits your youngsters.  Really, come up here, get outside, bring a thermos of hot choc.

11-IMG_4469We’re as ready for winter as we’ll ever be.  When old apple trees die, they make the best wood for the stove.

12-IMG_4473Peaches the Piano sends you holiday greetings.  “O when the black keys turn white…,” you know the song.

13-IMG_4475Thank you for supporting local farms.  Almost forgot, you can still bring your carboys to make hard cider.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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3 Responses to Nudity in the Orchard, Foul-Weather Friends, and Our Drive for Five.

  1. Thank you for keeping us giggling through the long winter months. Keep those crop alerts a’comin! And give warm hugs to the fruit trees for being so steadfast through the long, lonely and snowy days. Hug a fruit tree as you “Drive for Five” this winter.

  2. Yvonne says:

    I love your spirit and your newsletter. Can’t wait to get some cider.

  3. Judy says:

    Amusing…great pictures, great copy!

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