Flowers, Berries, Apples, Herbs, Peaches, Veggies, and More!

TAKE A SPIN through this week’s crop catalog, including stuff you can pick and goodies you’ll find at the stand.

2Farmer Alice has created a phantasmagoria of cut-your-own flower options.  Walk around the farm.  See and snip.  (And check out the new the HOW-TO sign.)

2rsDepending on when you get here, Raspberry Wave 3 could be ready for your party.  Waves 1 and 2 were devoured.

3apNobody has ever thrown a party for the start of Yellow Transparent Apple season.  Maybe you could make these tart little fellows feel appreciated with a hoot or holler.  They are your earliest option for homebaked pies and sauces.

5hFarmer Allie, not to be confused with Farmer Alice, says we have a “kickass” herb garden this year.  Pick your own basil, parsley, oregano, sage, dill, and mint.  And try the NEW PESTO SPECIAL:  A bag of garlic SCAPES (normally $4) plus a bundle of BASIL (normally $1-2) for only $4!  Kinda like free basil.

1Now don’t start flipping parked cars and toppling statues in celebration, but peach picking season will begin SUNDAY.  MODESTLY.  It’s a soft launch, not the initial public offering.  We got 1 row ready to go, and honestly these specimens haven’t sugared up that well.  But they are perfect peaches for pies and jams—and you can pick them!  Please stop at the stand before you go picking.  We’ll give you a map, a box, and the spiel, including our “How to Pick a Peach” tutorial which you must read aloud to your rugrats before ripping into the poor little orchard.

peachesIf you don’t want to pick your own peaches, or you miss our first wave, take home some PA peaches from the stand.

6Supplement your picking adventures with blueberries pre-packed for you at the stand.

8We’re stocking the stand with fresh-picked zucchini and cucumbers.  Several types.

lillNew in our 2015 Colors Collection, these Lavish Lilies will surely have your friends asking, “How DO you live so well?”

shirtFarm shirts!  Only $10 each—reduced for quick sale to kick off the summer.  Mostly kid sizes are left.  They’re really cute on kids.  Ask about colors and sizes.

1-IMG_6319Quote of the week, overheard at the farm stand:  “Mom, they have farm-fresh cookies!  And they’re only a dollar for 3!  Can we get some?!”  He’d read the sign alright.  But that’s CUKES, lad, cukes!  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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