5,000 Redheads Can’t Be Wrong; Come Get Fresh Raspberries, Flowers, Cukes, and Zukes.

DEAR FARMILY MEMBERS:  You can find the new farm booklet at the stand.  Please take a copy.  The pumpkin-haired strawberry-ginger on the cover, acting as official mascot of the 2015 season, urges you to study the map inside.


Many of the fields have changed location this year.  That’s what they call a crop “rotation.”  Download it here.


You’ll note 3 peach orchards, 1 raspberry patch, mutiple tomato fields, and other changes.  Download the brochure.


If your dog eats your copy between visits, please take another.  We have 5,000 of them and we proofed each one.  Can 5,000 redheads be wrong?  No way!  How about 5,000 Deadheads?  Umm, yeah, probably.


Raspberries are back after yins picked the first batch clean.  A sunny weekend ahead will bring ripe berries and rival pickers.  Determined hunters should find plenty; lazy ones might catch the “green sickness,” as Doctor Shakespeare called envy.


This was our most popular Facebook post ever.  What does that say about YOU GUYS?!


New this week!  Cut your own flowers.  You can cut any flowers you find and pay at the stand.  You’ll also find bouquets that we’ve arranged for sale.  We have more flowers than ever this year, and many will bloom over the coming weeks.


At the stand you can get cukes and zukes.  We’re picking them and filling containers for you.


Soft launch of the farm stand!  We’ll have a real human at the helm from noon to 5 on Saturday.  When nobody is working, you can use the self-serve box dawn to dusk.


Almost forgot!  The rumor is:  Peaches could arrive from PA this weekend!  These would be the first regional peaches to hold you over until we open our orchards in a few weeks.


Cityfolk are tussling over very momentous legislation.  It is illegal to keep chickens within the city limits; but, some citizens are proposing to allow up to 4 chickens per lot.  Meanwhile, just a few clucks from City Hall, one particular chicken is warming up her piano chops… Tune in next week to see if she is ready to roll!  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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