We Hold These Fruits to Be Self-Evident; Raspberry Picking; and, Summer Squash.

WE HOLD THESE FRUITS to be self evident, that all berries are NOT created equal.  Fresh off the vine is WAY better than boxed in plastic at the supermarket!

1-IMG_6303Just ask this platoon of pickers.  They found gobs of perfect berries after getting the tipoff on Facebook.  These kids excelled at looking UNDER the leaves for juicy berries.

2-P1050540Where’s all the fricking raspberries?!  Don’t be that guy.  If you don’t see berries in plain view, look beneath the leaves.  There are a lot of pickers coming to the farm, but with a little “LUCK and LOOK” you won’t leave empty-handed in a huff.

IMG_62883 cheers for our patriotic cover models… displaying the red, white, and blue just before we declare independence from the tyrannical British royals again.  Ritually, anyway.

4-P1050613GO USA SOCCER!  Our gals will be in the World Cup final on Sunday.  (Now if the lads could just follow their lead!)

5-IMG_6281Proof that summer really is kicking in, we have TWO crops going now:  raspberries and summer squash.  Get your zukes at the farm stand; we’ll keep it stocked.

1-P1060572Also an insider tip from Farmer Alice:  Pick-your-own flowers should be starting next week.  She went nuts and grew our biggest flower crop ever!  Gonna be a sight.

1-P1050601That’s your Fresh Crop Alert for July 3, 2015.  Remember to get daily crop updates on Facebook.  Tune in next week for our special newscast called, 5,000 Redheads Can’t Be Wrong.”  Meanwhile have a safe and happy holiday weekend.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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1 Response to We Hold These Fruits to Be Self-Evident; Raspberry Picking; and, Summer Squash.

  1. ladybuglanecards says:

    FINALLY, CROP ALERTS AGAIN!!! All is right with the world!! Thanks for keeping us so updated on what’s available. Great site!!

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