What the Puppy Found in the Peach Orchard, and Encouraging Words from the Crops.

DEAR FARM FANS:  Our new summer intern, called Turbo by humans and Woof by dogs, is finding tons of baby peaches rotting on the ground.

2-IMG_6212Which is a good thing!  We’re “thinning” down a bountiful crop to help the remainders grow juicy and sweet.

P1160373Despite a b-tchy winter, ALL the crops are looking jolly.  Peaches, apples, vegetables—all good so far.

3-P1220525Raspberries, too.  We have 1 field this year, and light picking started yesterday, as our Facebook friends already know.  It’s a soft launch to the season.  If you get here before the Joneses, you might find good picking in Row 1.  You can get daily mini-updates on our Facebook and Twitter.  Assume the Joneses already do.

1-P1150208Do you have a strawberry-shaped hole in your heart this year?  (See why some fans do.)  Maybe raspberry picking will help.  Or how about these encouraging words from delicious fresh crops that are coming soon…

b7We will holler when the stand is open and stocked with blubes.  Got a new field that we’ll be picking for you.

P1160608Farmer Steve says, “We’re gonna have peaches to move.”  You’ll see 3 peach orchards going in parallel this year!

matoFor many people, it’s the taste of summer:  fresh tomatoes.  Farmer Allie has been tending them real nice.


Peppers, eggplant, summer squash… good stuff you can pick starting in July.  Stay tuned for weekly Fresh Crop Alerts and daily updates on Facebook and Twitter.

IMG_3054Farmer Steve again: “Apple crop looks awesome!” You never know after a b-tchy winter, but we’re on track for best ever.

P1130270Pumpkins, squash, cider, donuts… all kinds of great stuff ahead.  But let’s not talk about fall stuff yet!  Yeesh.

IMG_6180Okay, back to work, knocking perfectly good peaches off the trees.  (Farming can be counterintuitive.)  The season will officially begin soon when you hear the trumpet sounding chicken playing piano.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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