Berry Report and Crop Calendar: “At least you are not a strawberry…”

LOYAL FARMKETEERS:  This year we look to the children for signs and omens.  Will we have a crop?  Will life be buttercups or bitter cups?  In the guileless, apple-cheeked faces of our young, much is foretold.

ahhhOf all the oracles, this lad—son of a Farm Fan—may have unwittingly spoken for the masses with his silent scream.  He was lamenting the long wait for berry season to begin, but little did he know the news would get worse.  Much worse for strawberry worshippers.

frownThere will be no strawberries this year.  The first crop will be raspberries in July.  That’s when the farm stand will open and you can come picking.  Great stuff will follow.

fieldYou see, a couple years ago we planted 10,000 strawberry plants by hand.  It was a pretty field, and well-loved.

voteBut recently we faced a classic farmer’s dilemma:  How best to use the land?  Berries again?  Or fruit trees?

islandStrawberries were voted off the island—at least for this year.  We are retooling the field for orchards and nursery.  You will still find a big variety of crops on the farm, including annual vegetables; but, strawberries had to give way.  Fruit trees sustain us here at The ‘Creek.  They give back year after year, and you guys devour every piece of fruit we can grow!  Apples, pears, peaches, plums, apricots…

adiosTough news for strawberry lovers.  Well, like Mother always says, “At least YOU are not a strawberry.  The life of a strawberry is nasty, brutish, and short.”  Mother often cribs from Hobbes’ Leviathan while sniffling and chopping onions.

helloSo, we soldier on.  And, lo!  Raspberries grow!  Even as we dilly-dally.  Yes, even as we shilly-shally.

vegBut, wait, there’s more!  After raspberries, you’ll find peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and peaches!

appsThen, an awesome apple crop!  Best ever?!  We’re getting ahead of ourselves.  You will be first to hear about raspberry picking if you stay tuned to these Fresh Crop Alerts and follow along on Facebook and Twitter.  Meanwhile, have a look at the annual crop calendar.

dogsBeen a long time since last season.  The dogs need something to think about.  They hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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