Oh, What We Have in Store for You! Big Spring Ideas from The ‘Creek.

DEAR ‘CREEKERS, let’s catch you up on farm country news.  Basically, farm country has become a real HUSTLE.  Everyone is manic about local food.  There is a constant hubbub about field-to-table stuff.  And certain farms are always one-upping us with their splashy headlines. cel Like a certain cidery south of here.  They are famous now.  Maybe you’ve heard of them.  They’re getting ridiculous reviews and they went digital this winter so that you can buy their amazing cider online. melissa And another farm north of here.  They’re all like, “Yeah, we work our fields with HORSES.”  These very same do-gooders are being notably bad-ass by opening a new cider tasting house just off the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail.  Coming soon! pepp Meanwhile, what do WE have to offer you?  Nothing but a skanky old pepper that dangled here all winter.  Or perhaps you would like to buy a fruit tree which will bring you a nice crop… in 4 years.  We know what you’re thinking:  “Snore.” 640 Well, we are tired of being second banana, so we surveyed you guys for new ideas.  You sent brilliant suggestions, and we’ve been racking our brains for how to pull them all together.  Here is what we have in store for you this year… uni We got a unicorn.  That’s right.  A fricking UNI.  Go big or go home, right?  Whatever about horses and cider.  We’re going for timeless and magical.  You will see this wondrous beast in the orchards come summer.  Boo-yah! cat We’re not stopping there.  Can you say PEGASUS?  Yep, we ordered one of them, too.  Came in last week.  She’ll be giving free rides to children under 12 on Tuesdays. tino Did we mention our new CENTAUR?  Grass-fed, free-range.  If you squeeze peaches on the trees, you’ll be dealing with Old Stomp-n-Snort.  Better to follow the rules. P1210599 Not impressed?  How about a Finger Lakes first — a real live GORGON.  If you bite an apple and throw it on the ground, you’ll be turned to stone before you can say, “Honeycrisp.” trees As you can see, we’re hoping for a big year.  We’ll send you a crop update next month, but meantime you can visit our nursery web site to buy baby fruit trees for spring planting, such as Bubblegum plums on Myrobalan rootstock or Novaspy apples on Antonovka.  Hope to see you soon at The ‘Creek.

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