All Hail the Most Important Person in the County; News of the Farm Stand’s Hibernation.

THERE ARE LOTS of hardworking folks here in farm country.  And like Farmer Steve says, whoever is working on the farm RIGHT NOW is doing the most important work of all.  Yes, we are all important people doing important work.

1-IMG_4871But none of us will ever measure up, if you believe this old thing hanging in the County Planner’s office.  You can try til you are periwinkle in the face and you still won’t top this fellow.  How does that make you feel?

3-IMG_5088Farmer Tino isn’t one to say much about stuff like that.  Just keeps on working.  He’s more the type to sing you a song.

4-IMG_4935You can hear him play LIVE this Saturday night at the Silver Line Tap Room in Trumansburg.  February 7 at 7 PM.

Get your exclusive sneak preview by listening to this YouTube of his live gig on WVBR FM, “The Salt Creek Show.”

5-IMG_4868If you follow that old map in the Planner’s Office, you’ll find Indian Creek just past the orphanage… now the School of Massage.

6-IMG_4860When you get here, you’ll find it pretty quiet and snowy.  The farm stand is closed for the winter — all sold out of apples and cider.

7-IMG_5104But please do come out to ski or hike.  Some folks have been out this week just trekking around the orchards.


Say hello if you see us, or ignore us as you like.  Ski right on through.  That’s something old Ezra can’t do.

9-IMG_5111Happy winter and hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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