An Epic Farm Fail, and a Winter Lesson in Winning.

LIFE IS NOT a zero-sum game, but when somebody messes up, you can usually seize the chance to profit from their blunder.  “Outrageous!” you cry.  “Repugnant!”  Maybe.  But, still.

1-IMG_4764Last week all 3,000 of you messed up.  All except one—the lady who seized the day.  Yes, the nice person in this picture was THE ONLY FARM FAN to answer our 2015 Call for Ideas.  We were so moved by her earnestness, while the rest of you were being too cool for school and just totally messing up, that we awarded her a bottle of Kingston Black hard cider from our chums at Eve’s Cidery.  As luck would have it, she had answered “hard cider” to all of the questions.

4-P1040288You really have no ideas to send?  That means there is nothing to improve on the farm.  You want 2015 to be just as dubious and discombobulated as 2014.  You want the dogs to be just as fruitless.  You want the signage to be even less helpful…

1-IMG_4417Thing is, you really should send ideas.  We try to come up with ideas on our own, like ibuprofen toothpaste and eco-friendly cider fracking.  But these have long R&D times.  Can’t you bring us back to earth with practible suggestions?

spiralSpeaking of earth-n-space, behold this apple spiral.  It had pride of place at the Solstice Party of farm fan Wendy.  Those are her kids being the “Starry Guides.”

appelsThey used mutsus for candleholders.  The next day, apple crisps!  Go Team Locavore.  Winning.

1-IMG_4852We still have mutsus.  Still pressing cider.  Still open.  The little farm stand that could.  Apples and cider.  That’s about it.  But every visit helps.  A few bucks here and there is better than zero bucks everywhere.

3-IMG_4863Thanks for reading and sending your ideas.  We won’t email every week through the winter—just here and there to keep in touch.

3-P1040450You can come out to the farm any day.  Ski around.  Hike around.  Whatever.  The views are long with the foliage down.

Some of the sights are mesmerizing.  Watch this intrepid soul.  Take heart!  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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