Sunflower Maze, Apple Mountain, $5 Value Bags, Your New Cidergarden, and 7 Kinds of Apples to Pick!

OH, THE APPLE DOES TEMPT.  Does it not?  Hardly matters whether you are an Original Sin subscriber or Fossil Record fanboy, the luscious apple entices all the same.

01-IMG_6880But you dare not bite this one!  It is a Cortland apple and not quite ready.  (Or perhaps YOU are not ready for the unsweet wisdom it will impart!)  There are 7 other varieties to pick this week.  Ask at the stand, we will mark your map.

02-IMG_6850Even though the Cortlands are not ripe, we invite you to enter the Cortland section of the Vintage Orchard, where you can wander the Sunflower Maze.  It is quite the exercise in resisting temptation!  Don’t pick those apples!

03-IMG_6890And it’s a good place to ramble.  Suitable activities include looking, listening, and daydreaming.  See if you can turn off your phone for 12 minutes.  If not, try again.

04-P1060843When you are ready to pick apples, step into the McIntosh block, where you will find big old trees with orange ribbons.  Pick away.  You can also get $5 “Vintage Value” bags at the stand starting today!  We picked those Macs for you last night.

05-IMG_6924Next you can go to the Dwarf Orchard, where the trees are short and the apples hang at grab-me level.  We’ll mark your map for Dayton, Jonamac, Autumn Crisp, Empire (pictured), Gala, and Sweet 16.  Some of you have asked about Honeycrisp:  Get them at the stand now!

06-IMG_6932Sweet 16 is known for having flavors of licorice, cherry, and bourbon.  The official tasting notes say, “tastes like Cherry Twizzler” and it’s true!  A real candy apple.

07-P1180893In the veggie fields, you’ll find plentiful tomatoes.  Weekday special:  75¢ per pound u-pick Beefsteaks.  One of our Facebook fans picked 126 pounds this week!  Others filled their freezers and pantries with sauces and stews.

08-P1240060Also in the veggie field, you can pick abundant eggplant and peppers:  cayenne, jalapeño, habanero, poblano, serrano, Thai chili, bells.  Many are turning RED = HOT!

09-P1190902After you munch a few habaneros, you can wash them down with cold, crisp apple cider.  Pressed fresh every week into jugs to take home.  Unpasteurized.  Nothing but fruit.

10-IMG_6936New this week!  You can take a load off at the Cidergarden under the front porch.  Three picnic tables in the shade near the cider cooler, donut machine, and herb gardens.

Also new this week!  Apple Mountain!  Truth is, it is a pile of dirt.  But as you can see in the video, it takes the playground to a whole ‘nother level for kids.  Be sure to wear white.

1-IMG_6784Finally this week, we have great news.  You raised over $600 to help local animal shelters in need!  You picked Macs all day in the rain at “Picking for Puppies,” and we’re writing the check today!  Many thanks to you brave pickers.  And thanks to our collaborators at the Shelter Medicine Club of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, including Kiko, Argos, and Georgia (1st row, L to R).

12-IMG_6812So, Local Food Lovers, you have done well.  You picked all the peaches; you cleared out the pears; and, you made a puppy’s day.  Your next assignment:  To kick off apple season good and proper!  We have our biggest apple crop EVER and we need you here!  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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