10 Reasons to Visit the Farm Now, Including Free Brain Massages While Supplies Last.

You KNOW what Mother is about to say.  You can cover your ears, close your eyes, stomp your feet, and hold your breath.  But she is still gonna say it.


Mother Nature is about to say, “Later, ‘maters!”  Yesterday was the autumnal equinox, and tomatoes will soon fly south.  There are beefsteaks to pick, but Romas, cherries, and heirlooms are scarce.  So there’s one reason to get out here:  Last chance to pick beefsteaks on weekdays for 75¢/lb!


Yes, Farmketeers, this is your last chance to savor the flavors of summer.   You can pick 6 kinds of peppers:  poblano, serrano, habanero, jalapeño, cayenne, Thai chili and bell.  Same with eggplant.  Hurry if you want some.


You can pick 7 kinds of apples:  Early Fuji, Macoun, Sir Prize, Empire, Sweet 16, McIntosh, and Cortland.  Cortlands are magic.  They don’t brown fast after you cut them.  (Why not?)  Perfect for school lunches and fruit salads.


Grab your $5 Vintage Value bags and save about 50% on McIntosh apples!  The Mac is a classic eater and saucer with a simple, sweet, and refreshing taste.  It was introduced back in the 1820s.  Our trees have been producing Macs for close to 100 years.  Vintage!


Get “Number 2” Macs and Bartletts for only 99¢/lb!  These are good fruits that simply didn’t make display grade for aesthetic reasons such as blemishes.  They are not Barbie-perfect, but they are perfect for your fruity purposes.  Perfect for canning, saucing, and snacking.


Free brain massages.  At the entrance to the sunflower maze, claim your free brain massage by saying the coupon code:  IAMHERENOW.  The invisible therapist will begin her work.  You can pick Cortland apples while you’re in session.

7-P1210089Fresh apple cider.  We press apples with an R2-D2 unit.  R2 pumps the Orchard Ambrosia into jugs.  Nothing but fruit.  It’s unpasteurized and delicious.  Freezes great like Han Solo.


Your new Cidergarden.  Kind of like a European biergarten, except with sweet cider.  And it’s in America.  And there’s only 3 tables.  But you get the drift.  A place to sit.


Teachable moments.  Kids can learn anything.  Bring them to Farm School for fruit appreciation.  Here, our model student uses the official 2-handed technique for apple picking.


Enjoy the free playground with Apple Mountain, swingset, sandbox, and tractor thingy.  Kids go apesh-t tumbling up and down Apple Mountain, but they know to leave the laundry fun for you.  Very thoughtful.

1-IMG_7014We love seeing people picking at the farm.  We also love when local businesses create local supply chains.  Eva of Business is Bloomin’ cuts flowers at the farm all the time.  Cool!


Come find us at the Apple Harvest Festival, Oct 2-4.  And stay tuned to Facebook for breaking pumpkin news.  Meantime, hope to see you in the sunflowers at The ‘Creek.

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