October Fun: Superpumpkins, Sunflower Maze, and the Apple of the Apocalypse.

WHEN 4.2 BILLION PEOPLE went outdoors Sunday night to stare at the sky, they spoke in mystical tones about the Blood Moon, the Supermoon, and the apocalyptic lunar tetrad.


Farm Fans were different.  You instantly recognized the celestial Superpumpkin through your farm-colored glasses.  Yes, Loyal Farmketeers, that is why we love you so.

IMG_7144We heart you!  Yes we do!  Just for you, we have already lopped a love-ton of pumpkins off the vine and set them right by the playground.  Ithaca is gourdgeous!  Pick yours now.

1-IMG_7092We are an educational outfit.  We always encourage farm fans to use their heads.  To wit, here is the pricing system.


New this week:  14 kinds of apples to pick!  Jonagold, Spartan, Autumn Gala, Snowsweet, Empire, Macoun, Early Fuji, Sir Prize, Fortune, Spigold, Prairie Spy, Nova Spy, Mac, and Cortland. You can also get Honeycrisp Apples at the stand for only $2.25 a pound!

IMG_3070Grab your $5 Vintage Value bags and save about 50% on McIntosh apples!  The Mac was first propagated back in the 1820s.  Our trees have been producing Macs for almost 100 years.  Vintageous value.

IMG_7095Get “Number 2” Macs and Bartletts for only 99¢/lb!  These are good fruits that simply didn’t make display grade for aesthetic reasons such as blemishes.  Perfect for canning, cooking, saucing, snacking, and more.

2-FullSizeRender‘Tis the Season of the Sauce!  Apple sauce!  A notably healthful customer who runs marathons made this great stuff from Indian Creek apples picked by her kids.  No sugar added.  (But truthfully it needed a little more cinnamon.  Oh well, you can’t win ’em all, Champ!)

IMG_7143What is the sound of farming in the rain?  Squish, squash, squish, squash.  New this week, the first winter squash:  delicata, sweet dumpling, and acorn.  Also get mini-pumpkins and “ghost” mini-pumpkins (white).

3-IMG_7104The playground and sunflower maze are still here.  Please come wander around.  Then hang out at the stand with fresh-pressed cider and donuts!

1-IMG_7071-001Rain or shine, should be a fun weekend at the farm.  You’ve pretty much kicked the veggies, but there are apples galore, pumpkins a-plenty, cider, donuts, and fresh air.  If you happen to be downtown this weekend, find us at the Apple Festival.  Otherwise, hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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1 Response to October Fun: Superpumpkins, Sunflower Maze, and the Apple of the Apocalypse.

  1. Sue Olney says:

    I so enjoy these creative posts( sent to me by the blogger’s Mom , Arlene.) Sure wish I lived nearby. I would especially enjoy the delish Bartlett pears!! I have gardened all my life and always happy to see people working the earth and keeping their farms producing. Thanks!!

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