Cheap Honeycrisp Apples, Plentiful Pumpkins, and More Fun Reasons to Visit The ‘Creek This Week.

THIS WEEK WE CELEBRATE the apple harvest with a leap into agricultural hyperspace… also known as Instagram.  All photos are therefore square.

Screen Shot 2015-10-008

Yes, Courageous Creek-O-Nauts!  Time to embrace the future of farming on your phone, @indiancreekfarmithaca.


You can pick 14 kinds of apples this week!  Jonagold, Spartan, Autumn Gala, Snowsweet, Empire, Macoun, Early Fuji, Sir Prize, Fortune, Spigold, Prairie Spy, Nova Spy, Mac, and Cortland.  Mix and match, try new things.


Save up to 75¢ a pound on Honeycrisp!  Our everyday price of $2.25 a pound is way below the leading grocery stores.  You can save $7.50 on a 10-pound bag compared to the price we saw at one place.  Another supermarket was selling Honeycrisp at FOUR DOLLARS A POUND just a few miles from the farm!  Sheesh.


You can save even more on the Honeycrisp value bags:  $6 (half-peck) and $10 (peck).   That’s about a BUCK A POUND!  These are apples with surface blemishes, still great for eating and Honeycrisp recipes.  First come, first git!


Get Bartlett pears for only 99¢/lb!  These are “Number 2” pears perfect for cooking, canning, poaching, and snacking.  Also get Vintage Value bags of McIntosh apples for only $5.  They are picked and packed and ready.


Pick your dream pumpkins from the wiggly, shifting piles at the playground!  No messing with loppers or clomping through mud.  Hop off the swings, claim a gourd.


We always seem to run out well before Halloween.  So pick your pumpkins now!  (Plus we planted an ungourdly mess of them and we need your help giving them good homes.  Nobody cares about pumpkins on October 32nd.)


First sprouts of the year!  Lop your own!  Fresh Brussels sprouts are just plain awesome.  They make a wacky, nutritional gift for friends or coworkers.  Most people have never seen a sprout on the stalk.  Easy cooking!


We’re pressing fresh sweet cider every week.  Get your Orchard Ambrosia now at the height of apple season.  The cider donut machine will be running Saturday and Sunday 11 til 4.


The playground is always free.  There are swings for kids and grownups, a giant sandbox, Apple Mountain, and a real farm tractor that little kids love.  Last chance to wander the Sunflower Maze.  It is leaning over and wilty.


What a joy to meet so many farm fanatics down at the Apple Harvest Festival.  Thanks to the Happy Ladlers, our far-flung friends who helped us scoop hot cider for 30 hours.  And welcome to new fans who are reading their first “Fresh Crop Alert” after signing up on the Commons.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.48.32 AM

A round of applause for our Brazilian-Canadian orchard yoga team:  Daniel (, Jess, Yann, and Bilyana.  They sure lit a spark for passing pickers.  Well, Farmies, there are only a few weeks left.  It is high harvest season.  Come share the local bounty.  We are here every day til dark.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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  1. recon77 says:

    Dad and Sarah are on this clip, :48-1:18, 1:31-1:33, and 1:37-1:51, Dad is on it some, Sarah even more!
    It is the second clip, the return flight, NOT the first one, delayed flight!

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