Do You Mutsu?  Famous Giant Apples are Ready; You Can Dream Big and Pick Bigger.

IN YOUR DREAMS, do you jump like Lebron?

IMG_7383Or do you get higher with a little help from your friends?

P1200239In your dreams, bundled warm against an autumn drizzle, do you pick apples as big as pumpkins?


You do?  Farmketeers, you are in luck.  Here at The ‘Creek, we are in the Dreams Business.  Big or small, modest or outrageous, your dreams can get a good start on the farm.  Let this Mutsu apple represent your most cherished dream.  As you can see, it has already outgrown its nest!  It is ready to fly unfettered into your future!

P1200269Mutsus are giant, delicious apples.  They are a rare flash of late October green.  They are sweet eaters and famous bakers.  In England, Mutsus are called “Oven Busters.”  You stick a Mutsu in the oven, then eat it with a spoon.  Split it with a friend as you share your dreams.

IMG_3733All orchards are now open — Vintage, Dwarf, Mutsu.  You will have to scavenge in some areas; other trees are heavy with fruit.  Cold is in the forecast and our crew is actively stripping trees; so, the situation is fluid.  Get out here and clear the orchards!  Only 1-2 weeks left in apple season!  There are lots of fresh-picked varieties at the farm stand.

P1190902Fresh-pressed cider!  Take home some cider to serve with Apple Potato Bacon Hash.  You can also splurge on cider donuts, served 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_7390Don’t wait til last minute to get your pumpkins!  We always run out before Halloween, and a small army of kids scored their dream pumpkins last weekend.

Picking for Puppies Part 2 - orange

Picking for Puppies, Part Poo, er, Two!  We’re going to send another check to a local animal shelter.  This time, you can pick Mutsu apples FOR 4 DAYS and we will donate to the Tompkins SPCA.  Save the date!


Zorro will help!

P1210289We are here by the wood stove every day til dark.  Come say hi.  Don’t be a stranger just because the weather is going to stink!  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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2 Responses to Do You Mutsu?  Famous Giant Apples are Ready; You Can Dream Big and Pick Bigger.

  1. Sandy Ferreira says:

    can one use food stamps for apples they pick?

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