Pop-Up Farm at Press Bay Alley, Apple Boxes Ready for Xmas, Still Open Every Day.

WE FARMERS aren’t going to hurt our backs totin’ our brains around.  But we make every effort to hurt ourselves for your entertainment.

To wit, a new piano.  Dragged in from the suburbs by 4 aging farmhands.  Destined for the front porch where you will hear Happy Shopper music all summer.  Twenty sixteen, baby.

To wit, a copper cauldron.  We will drag this 19th-century beast full of bubbling hot cider down to Press Bay Alley on Fridays and Saturdays (12 to 5 PM) during holiday season.  Starts today!  You can get cider and Apple Gift Boxes!

To wit (this one really cramps the back and legs), shrinking ourselves into the fridge.  Time to take the whole farm and squeeze it into the cooler, lest the swallows and critters scoop up the booty at night.

Come into the stand and look LEFT.  You will find the cooler with cider (pressed fresh weekly) and assorted apples.  Pay in the slot.  21st-century agricultural technology.  Might find some butternut squash for 50¢ a pound.

Apple Gift Boxes — Order online now for shipping by Xmas.  If you order by Tuesday, December 15, your boxes will be shipped to arrive during the days before Christmas, Dec 21-24.  Supplies are not infinite, so order soon.

This is a delicious gift of local food.  Important facts: (1) your gift recipients can eat this gift, unlike an ugly Christmas sweater, (2) you are supporting a local farm, (3) you are contributing to the resurgence of heirloom apple varieties, (4) apples are fat-free “tree candy,” a.k.a. farm-bred bon-bons.

Thanks for shopping with us — even a few customers a day in winter makes a big difference.  Don’t forget to order gift boxes by Dec 15.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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2 Responses to Pop-Up Farm at Press Bay Alley, Apple Boxes Ready for Xmas, Still Open Every Day.

  1. Hi- Once you close the farmstand, will you be selling your cider anywhere else in town? thanks.

    • Hi, we are at IFM sometimes, but we’re going to keep selling cider at the farm stand, self-serve as it is now, as long as we have apples to make cider! That could go well into the new year. Stay tuned to the email newsletter in January.

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