When the Farm Gets Naked and Loopy, the Winter Solstice is Nigh; Last Call for Apple Boxes.

THE FARM HAS SHED its heavy summer coat.  Winter is four days away.  ‘Tis the season to get naked.

Naked APPLE TREES.  They drop all pretense and reveal their craggly, shaggly underbodies.

Naked PEACH TREES.  Did you know that peach trees are (ahem) true redheads?  You can see the boughs now.

Naked SUNFLOWERS.  Perhaps even more beautiful than their peacocky flamboyant phase.

Naked PICNICS.  No shade here.  But you are welcome to visit the playground and picnic grounds any time.

Naked CIDER.  You can still get it fresh.  We’re open self-serve every day with cider and apples in the cooler.

Naked… and LOOPY.  You can watch our totally pointless video loops on Instagram and Facebook all winter.

FIRST CHICKEN.  This dramatic 12-second loop, capturing the primordial chicken, reached 86,432 people.  Watch out kittens, the poultry are coming.

APPLE GIFT BOXES!  Order by Sunday night, and we’ll ship to most locations in the Northeast by Xmas.  You can also choose to pick up your boxes at the farm.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, FARMKETEERS.  Thanks for supporting small farms.  This is the last Crop Alert of 2015.  We’ll probably send you 1 message per month this winter to keep in touch.  Love and kisses and woofs and meows from everyone at The ‘Creek.

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