2015: From Chicken to Chicken, the Farm Year in Review.

BELOVED FARMKETEERS, we welcome every new year with the Indian Creek theme song, rendered most delicately by our own Archie the Chicken:

A catchy number, to be sure… and the farmer’s sentimental favorite.  But it was never bound for the big screen like this cinematic coup, starring our OTHER Archie the Chicken:

This particular Archie has been seen by over 96,000 Facebookers.  Thus the tradition grew:  We start each year with Piano Chicken and end it with Primordial Chicken.

But the years are an endless loop; one season births another; and, we kind of lose track.  Which came first?  The chicken or the chicken?  Won’t you smarty-pantses stew on that Sunday crossbird puzzle as you trip through the year in review?  Here we go…

In 2015, the highlights were many.  The lowlights were few.  Spring started off with a bunch of brainy ideas.

By the end of June, when everybody was begging for news of the food, we received encouraging words from the crops.

By August, we had a dazzling show of peaches, apples, pears, tomatoes, herbs, flowers, cider, donuts and more!

When high apple season hit, there was a stunning sunflower maze and 10 good reasons to visit the farm.

Your October picking efforts had us floating through the orchard above bountiful apples and pumpkins.

Just in time for the last big picking session, Grampaw showed up to kick everybody’s butt.

And that ain’t even the half of it.  You can see the whole bumbling chronicle of 2015 on our site.  It was our best year ever thanks to you ‘Creekniks.  What a show of local food enfoosiasm.

In current news, the farm stand is closed for the winter.  The newsletter will be pretty quiet for a few months.  We’ll send you a note once in a while.  See you soon at The ‘Creek.

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