The Farm Will Open in Mid-July with Vegetables and More; Now, a Short Story and Fruit Report.

Once upon a time there was an apple.
Her name was Edelborsdorfer.
‘Twas a dandy name for a girl.
Dorf was famously smart.
She was prettier than a store-bought doll.
She was quick to praise, slow to criticize.
She always let her suitors down easy.
And she knew all the key facts.
The farm recently hosted the 27th Annual Celebration of the Finger Lakes Land Trust, a local nonprofit that has protected over 18,500 acres of land and water in the region.  You can donate and volunteer to help them save our forests, farms, and gorges.  Did you know that Indian Creek is protected by a conservation easement?  Cool stuff.  More on that later.
The farm will open in middle July with vegetables, raspberries, and other goodies.  The great news is, we will have an apple crop this year.  WHEW!  We will not have pick-your-own peaches.  BOO!  Peaches and apricots got nipped in the buds by effed up weather.  (See the story in Fruit Growers News with quotes from Farmer Steve.)  We will still have a great selection at the stand, but no peaches to pick yourselves.  We are hoping you will rally round the farm and come cheer us up.  There are brand new fields (biggies!) this year with more local foods than ever.  Stay tuned for our opening day alert.  Love and summer breezes to you all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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4 Responses to The Farm Will Open in Mid-July with Vegetables and More; Now, a Short Story and Fruit Report.

  1. Anna Simonds says:

    hi guys!
    when do you guys usually have pumpkins? is there a fee to come in? was wondering if you minded if i took some pictures of my daughter in your patch!

  2. Tim says:

    Do u have cherries this year

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