Come Dressed to Pick & Play! Wizarding Weekend Downtown and On the Farm; Pumpkin Sales and Apple Picking Rush to Finale.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Abra cadabra… Harrius doublus!  Poof, now you have twice as much Harry Potter.  This Saturday and Sunday, the farm will be pottering proper.  (If you can’t bear to hear more about that snide little pagan Potter, skip to slide #3 below where we report on the crops.)

Saturday DOWNTOWN – We will return to Diagon Alley downtown as Ithaca is overrun by wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, magi, and enchanters of all ages.  Find our booth with the bubbling copper cauldron.  Meanwhile the farm will be OPEN, so if you want your fresh cider served free of amateur hexes and wayward wandsparks, you can escape to The ‘Creek.

Sunday AT THE FARM – Wizarding Weekend 2.0 sees an expansion of the global franchise to scattered locations including the farm.  Join us for a special Sunday called “Happy Harryween” when you can catch free rides on the Hogwart’s Express (see wagon in beta trial), a free puppet show (2 PM), pumpkin carving, apple picking, and more.  FEEL FREE TO WEAR YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.  Not just wizards.  That snide little parseltongued pagan Harry Potter did not invent Halloween and we won’t let him steal it.  All freakniks and ‘Creekniks are welcome.  Activities run 10 AM to 6 PM.  Rain or shine!  The usual Sunday crops and donuts will be available… see below.

Apple Picking – This weekend could be the last hurrah for apple picking.  It is prime time to get your haul of classic late season varieties:  Mutsu, Rome Beauty, and Red Delicious.  Please help us pick the orchard clean and make good use of this year’s crop, which turned out half-decent despite complete loss of the peaches, plums, and apricots.

Make Pie – Turns out Mutsu is a brilliant pie apple.  Also delicious when eaten out of hand, but a professional performer in pies.  Just ask your high-scoring neighborhood locavore.

Pumpkin Sale #1 – We must find a home for every pumpkin by Halloween.  Pick any 5 pumpkins for $20!  Any size.  Any patch on the farm.  Everyone is so worried about Harry Potter’s cruddy living conditions under the staircase, but Harry Potter DOESN’T EVEN EXIST.  These pumpkins are real and they need a home.  Please come pick.

Pumpkin Sale #2 – Stuff one of our new (cute + pretty) red bags full of pumpkins for only $12.  You keep the bag.  You WILL get complements on these reusable bags.  They’re not green like Greenstar or black like Wegman’s.  Splashy red!

Donuts – Still serving 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  Attention donut-fiends:  This could be the last weekend of donuts.  To be determined after Halloween.  November is next week.  Things will start to fizzle down.

Cider – Fresh and tasty, crisp and local.  We pick apples and pears; we squeeze the juice; we bottle it.  Nothing fancy.  Just good.  Served hot and cold on the weekend.  Available in jugs daily.  Pressed fresh a couple times a week.  Freezes great.

Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant – By the time you get this Fresh Crop Alert, the summer veggies might not be so fresh.  Cold nights and possible ice pellets will wither the remaining tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.  Pick them for $1/pound.  Ask about our secret rows when you get to the stand.

Brussels Sprouts – Get them on the stalk.  As old-fashioned as it gets.  Once upon a time everyone grew these in their yards.  Now it’s a novelty to see sprouts on the stalk.  Special deal:  Buy sprouts, pluck them off the stalk, and you are left with a big green magic wand.  Wave it over the wok when you stir-fry the sprouts with bacon or facon.

Squashes – It’s a squashy time of year.  Butternut, delicata, acorn, and carnival/dumpling.  Eating squash recipes on fall nights can warm the very heart.  Secret tip:  Add crumbles of feta cheese when serving butternut squash soup.  Another:  Add crumbles of feta cheese to baked delicata rings-n-onions.

See You in Wizardland – Both Potter parties are rain or shine.  Come dressed to play and pick.  Costumes encouraged.  Help us harvest pumpkins.  Pick apples.  Still open every day til dark.  Watch the Hogwart’s Express in prototyping trials.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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