Local November Harvest Stuff: Fresh Cider, Sprouts on the Stalk, Apples, and a Big Squash Sale.

GENTLE ‘CREEKNIKS:  You have no idea how bleeping good it is.  Roasted acorn squash is some bleepety bleep squash.

You simply cut it in half and roast it face-down.  Acorn squash is a naturally sweet food.  You don’t even need those fancy recipes with honey and cinnamon.  The edges will caramelize on the pan.  But a farmer’s secret:  Wait til it cools down, scoop out the flesh, form it into patties, and fry it in a pan!  Holy smokes it becomes a savory-sweet pancake affair.  Add sea salt and chow down.  Dip in chipotle?

A Facebook Farmketeer recently wrote:  “What is a carnivale squash?”  We had just been talking about this heady topic by the woodstove.  Farmer Ly offered her genetic theory:  “When an acorn squash and a delicata squash have a love child, they usually get a carnivale squash.  But it has to be love.”  You can really see it in this picture — left squash plus right squash yields middle squash.  Good looking kids.

You can load up on the 4-squash harvest.  Fill a reusable Indian Creek bag with all the squashes you can cram in there for only $20.  Keep the bag.  This is our Black Friday sale but announced on Wednesday night.  So it is our Red Wednesday Night sale.  Going til further notice.  We are still open every day.  You can swing through for 11th-hour Thanksgiving supplies, or any time on the long weekend.

Sprouts in the wok with bacon and nuts.  If you can name a more nutritious food, good for you.

We are still pressing cider.  It freezes great.  The reason we keep telling you this is:  The cider season will end soon.  We will run out of apples.  If you love Orchard Ambrosia, you can buy it now, freeze it, and crack it open down the line.  Once we’re out of apples, we’re talking August 2017.

We still have apples.  You won’t find them outside because the stand has moved indoors.  Come in the double doors and poke around the modest winter display.

And you can order Apple Gift Boxes for delivery by the winter holidays.  You can see photos and details here.

These enterprising folks from the Cornell Food Recovery Network took 601 pounds of apples, squash, and pumpkins from the farm to be distributed through their partners at the Friendship Donations Network.  In that sharing spirit, hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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