The Devilishly Handsome Farmers of Finger Lakes Orchard Country Say, “If Not For the Apple, We’d Still Be Stuck in Eden (Without Fig Bikinis).”


FAITHFUL FARMKETEERS:  We celebrate the apple.  We lean and loaf at our ease, crunching and munching on mutsus.  And we wonder aloud, “What shall we send to our loved ones?  How shall we say Happle Holidays?”

We shall ship them boxes.  Heirloom Harvest Apple Boxes!  Each package is an exotic orchard to-go, full of special varieties that you won’t find in the grocery store.  Even the Primal Apple Pusher in Paradise never dreamed of Cox’s Orange Pippin or Ashmead’s Kernel.  Tempt your friends to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad apples.  See photos and details and order now for shipping by Xmas.  New – You can now ship to California and Arizona!  And all states red or blue.  Even spray-tan orange.


Freshly lopped Brussels sprouts.  You can get them at the farm stand every day.  We’ve moved inside the double doors.
$20 squash sale.  Fill a reusable farm bag with all the squash you can fit for only $20.  4 kinds of squash.  Keep the bag.
We are still pressing cider weekly.  Trying to go a couple more weeks, but the supply will evaporate without warning.
We are still filling carboys.  Drop off your jugs with your name and number.  We’ll fill and call you.  Don’t wait.
You can still get apples at the stand.  Value bags of mutsus and the last spies.  Mutsus are the most versatile apple ever.
Don’t hoard the apples – send to friends and family!  Order apple gift boxes now for shipping by the winter holidays.  You can see photos and details here.  Order online at our sister site, Cummins Nursery:


Speaking of giving season… We would gently urge you to consider supporting the Finger Lakes Land Trust.  They are a great nonprofit here in Ithaca.  Almost 19,000 acres of lakes, farms, and forests are protected – forever – by the Land Trust.  You can hike 32 nature preserves that are free and open to everyone.  Did you know that Indian Creek Farm is protected by a conservation easement that will keep it in farmland forever?  Well, the Land Trust protects small farms like ours.  You can chip in to their campaign and help them advance an ambitious slate of 2017 conservation projects.  Every gift helps, $25, $50… and a generous family will match your new gifts.  Thanks for supporting local, place-based organizations like the farm and the Land Trust.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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